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About us

When I was a child, I heard many exciting stories from my father, Herbert Gliege, about his childhood growing up in the community near Kempen/Polen. I’m really not sure what excited me more -  whether it was when he told me of riding  in the romantic horse carriage when he fetched my mother at the railway station or his recollection of being present in the winter months when the housekeepers told their spine chilling tales while plucking the geeses for new down bedding. All his stories and the nativenness of the wonderful countryside there in Poland on the river WARTHE put us today in amazement, but it was a big and hard job of our ancestors to live there.  It gave me a boundless curiosity for these times, places and the people of my family.  

When I married Karl-Josef I changed my last name - as was the custom of a good bride - from my birth name Gliege to Offermanns. As I held our marriage certificate in my hands and read over the pages, my curiosity concerning my Gliege family roots once again emerged.At each family gathering since our wedding, my parents, aunts and uncles were somewhat annoyed by my constant questions about the family history. But my enthusiasm was soon curtailed by the fact that there was no way of getting any information from the authorities in the former German Democratic Republic or in Poland.

Years later, Lina Luschinski from Bonn contacted me and told us about the many Glieges living in Canada, who were also interested in the Gliege genealogy. Quickly, we discovered that we all are ONE FAMILY. During this time Selma Gliege in Saskatoon/Canada was researching for Gliege family relatives with roots in Europe. Her son Jerold Gliege received answers from the Mormons in Utah with 20 german adresses. In 2000, we finally got to meet and know Jerold, Henry and Cory Gliege from Saskatoon. That year, they came to Europe and drove over 3000 km across Germany and Poland and met many of our relatives.A valuable new family friendship was created. After lots of eventful and happy family meetings I collected much new data about our relatives. Till the year 2014 I amassed more than 2000 names in our family tree. Amoung Jerold Gliege and me, Patsy Moore from the U.S.A. and Karl-Heinz Gliege from Brieselang near Berlin are doing research for our familytree. After the reunion in Berlin 2013 we took much pleasure in the announcement that Peggy and JoAnn Linrud from North Dakota organized the next reunion 2015 in Minneapolis/ U.S.A. The next will be 2018 in Germany.

It was Patsy’s idea to collect Gliege recipes in order to compile a GLIEGE cookbook. I think that’s great and I call on all master cooks of the family to write down a favourite recipe and send it to me. We all will profit from it.-> RECIPES. But also we like to create a family chronicle.

Therefore we need your help:Some of you have already sent me your home address, e-mail address and telephone number or curriculum vitae, but much information is still  missing. It is important for the creation of the chronicle family to include information (change of address/residence with the names of towns, villages etc. as well as places and dates of birth, marriage or death records). Additional information like an establishment of a business, property, hobbies, yours individual interests and talents will surely enrich our data. Stories/anecdotes about important days in your life will surely be appreciated.In order to visualize our family tree  pleasse send me photos, pictures – anything and everything you wish to share. Please send me photos of you and your family, -> CONTACT.If your parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles etc. are no longer able to write  please interview them and write me everything you know about them. Stories of the old homes near Zagorow/Poland would be interesting, for example, with names of neighbours, classmates, teachers or their church and pastor.

If you’d like to have further information on this website, please let me know. I’m always open to suggestions.




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